Cats and Birds are Friends: Unbelievable Until Watching This Video

Have you ever thought or seen the closeness of cats and birds when they are friends? Cats and birds are friends – This is certainly a paradox. But friendship exists everywhere and even if they were once enemies. Take a look at cat and bird actions if you are really curious!

When you raise a bird and a cat, they can be enemies. However, in some cases with so many pieces of evidence already given, cats and birds have friendship. They can love, help each other and live in the same house. The bird carries food for cat or plays with little friend. They even kiss and be close to cats licking parrot legs or parrots can comfortably sit on the cat head. All of their actions are against the natural instinct and many scientific studies have proven “cats and birds are friends”. So you can keep cats and birds live together.

Cat and bird are friendship
Cat and bird become best friends

It is warm when a cat is still in the nest with chicks. Small animals love each other and disagreements from instinct no longer exist. So we totally can say that cats and birds are the best friends. Although there are studies suggesting that cats kill 55 million birds a year in Britain, we can still believe that there are special things in life. Make sure that they would be okay in your house before they learn how to protect each other.