18 Weird Yet Brilliant Inventions You Never Knew You Needed

Our life has gradually become more convenient with many brilliant inventions for the kitchen, office, driver’s seat – basically wherever has a human presence.

Thanks to creative individuals, here is a list of amazing, brilliant creations that make our everyday life’s tasks more comfortable.

1. Easily cutting melons with this handy gizmo

2. Your swimming experience is much more interesting with this climbing wall

3. A portable toaster

4. An electric egg boiler that makes mastering breakfast easy

5. You can sing a lullaby or comfortably read a book while softly swinging this special rocking chair

6. Two in one: a glass for beer and shots

7. Secure your phone with this clever holder while charging

8. Magnetic clothes hangers are perfect for neat freaks

9. Portable aquarium for fish lovers

10. Nozzle for a soup pot

11. Umbrella for pets who can’t stand the feeling of rain

12. Kissenger — Send a realistic kiss to your long-distance lover

13. A soothing environment wherever you are with this USB portable humidifier

14. Scotch tape that is easy to tear

15. Joint salt and pepper shaker with a switch

16 Save time and energy with this three-level grill for the oven

17. Tulip-shaped folding chairs beautify the road

18. Folding bottle that fits in your pocket