6 of the Most Surprisingly Intelligent Animals on Earth

If you think that humans are the only intelligent creature on Earth, well, that is a bit of a misconception. According to National Geographic research,  animals are much smarter than people realize.  Chimps can make and use tools, not only that, they are capable of empathy, altruism, and self-awareness; or crows know physics are just the two bright examples in the list of 6 incredibly intelligent animals on Earth below. Take a look at what makes these amazing species stand out for their smarts.

Intelligent Animals on Earth1. Chimpanzees

Chimps are almost like us with 99 percent of our DNA. They love humans, live in social communities and can adapt to different environments. Chimpanzees can walk upright on two legs if they want, and are also capable of learning sign language.

Intelligent Animals on Earth
Chimpanzee Ayumu has shown remarkable levels of numerical memory at the Primate Research

Chimps know how to utilize the use of stones to open nuts and leaves to soak up drinking water. Besides, their reproductive age is at around the same time humans do – 13 for females and 16 for males.

2. Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin is one of the rarest animals that can use vocal learning to develop their own vocal signature. Each dolphin can create its own unique vocal whistle which may serve as their names. By calling each other, they mimic the whistle of a dolphin they want to communicate with, just like the way humans calling each other’s names in daily communication.

Intelligent Animals on Earth

According to researchers, bottlenose dolphins build up strong social attachments. They stay with injured or ill members of the group, helping them to the surface of the water to breath if necessary.

Not stopping there, they are known to protect and save human swimmers from sharks by swimming in circles around them, or rushing the sharks to shoo them away. They team up with humans to catch fish by signaling the fishermen when it’s time to cast their nets.

3. Elephants

Elephants have the largest brain than any other land animals and have a reputation for their smarts. Depending on their health and lifespan, elephants have amazing memories and can remember friends and enemies for a half century or more. They are famous for their altruism in protecting their young, and highly evolved social capabilities.

Intelligent Animals on Earth

Elephants are able to medicate themselves when sick by chewing the leaves of specific trees depending on their illness. They are likely the only large land-dwelling mammals that communicate using seismic signals. “Elephant communication is elaborate involving many different vocalizations, and they ‘speak’ to family five miles away. Elephants are extremely collaborative, consoling and cooperative, and deeply mourn their dead,” according to scientists.