Meysi- the World’s Smallest Dog You’ve Never Seen Before!

All dogs are cute but when it comes to puppies or fluffy small dogs, most of us, even those with coldest hearts, can’t help falling in love with them. There are something extra cute and adorable about them.

Meet terrier Meysi- the World’s smallest dog. You might be inclined to think it was a kitten instead of a dog. She is the same size of a soda can. She is only 0.55 pounds, 2.75 inches tall and 4.75 inches long.

The moment she entered this world, Meysi’s owner even thought that Meysi was just a piece of placenta instead of a living and breathing dog. Fortunately, she realized just in time that a tiny dog was welcomed to the world. That time Meysi only weighed a whopping and absolutely minuscule 0.01 pounds earning her the title of world’s smallest dog.

Her owner Anna Pohl talks about her loving pet as a small dog with a tremendous personality.

“Meysi is not afraid of strangers and is always ready for play. She plays with lots of energy – lots more than is suitable for such a tiny body. She has a typical terrier’s character and is brave. She is also fleet-footed and fast.”

Meysi fits in just about every small household item you could think of. She considers mugs or the insides of shoes her warm and cozy places.

Unfortunately, Meysi’s health condition after birth was pretty critical because her siblings weighed much more than her and hence prevent her from getting milk from her mother.

Because Meysi is so small, her owner decided to feed her with a syringe. After three months, and Meysi became strong. She was already happily running around as a strong and playful dog and be an important part of  the happy family with Anna, her husband Tomasz, and their kids Dawid and Angelika.

What an amazing dog!