2-year-old Listens To Opera For The Very First Time, Is Overcome With Emotion and Cries

It is no doubt that music is extremely power and can bring up a lot of hefty emotions in everyone. Not only us, adults but also little children can be very touched by the right notes. And this two-year-old toddler from Linköping, Sweden is a bright example.

Kid cries while listens to opera

The video captured the moment Ed Selden starts getting very emotional while his father puts on the world famous opera piece ‘O mio babbino caro’ from the 1918 opera Gianni Schicchi from Puccini. The aria from the opera is about the main character Lauretta who was badly depressed and desperate because there are a lot of tensions between her father and the family of the boy she loves, Rinuccio. This opera song is similar to the story of Romeo & Juliette and is one of the most popular opera pieces of all time.

Kid cries while listens to opera

As soon as he hears the very first line: ‘O mio babbino caro’, the two-year-old starts weeping. The little boy is clearly hit with emotions that the aria brings up and bursts into tears. Check the video below:

As he weeps the toddler’s father Tor puts his arm around the child who is in turn touched by his son’s emotions. He is also the person who published the video on Facebook, which has garnered over 300.000 views. “It shows what kind of emotions beautiful music can create, even in small children,” he shared.