The Length of Your Hair Reveals More About Your Personality Than You Think

Not only can your facial features tell you a thing or two about yourself, various studies suggest that the length of hair can define some points about your personality, and can describe a little about who you really are.

Let’s have a look at what the length of your hair says about your distinct personality traits:

1. Pixie hair or very short hair

 length of hair & personality

Nothing can drag you down, you’re confident, very sociable and mature. You find it easy to make sincere and long-term friendships. Your self-assuredness is a great attribute that will take you far in facing adversities. You love jobs that can emphasize your intelligence. Finally, you are a flirty woman who likes to look always young.

2. Bob hair or above-the-shoulder hairstyle

 length of hair & personality

You are a person who always prefers to speak the truth even though it hurts. You’re straightforward and know how to balance between your personal and professional life. You’re fearless, bold and intelligent, who can’t stand routine but love experimenting with new things in all areas.

3. Lob hair or shoulder-length cut

 length of hair & personality

This extension reveals that you are happy with your feminine, elegant appearance. The complexes do not go with you, and your natural beauty melts anyone who gets in your way. That’s why you’re an expert in making new friendships and maintaining them. You love challenges and new projects.

4. Long or super long hair

 length of hair & personality

Your long hair suggests that you are very careful and patient but quite dreamy. When it comes to love, you like to surrender completely; however, you are also very selective and demanding with your partner. You like to fight for your dreams and you do the impossible to achieve your goals. Your perseverance will help you reap great achievements.