Heart-melting Moments of Blissful Newborns Having Their First Baths

When it comes to babies, we never want to miss any of their first moments.  Without a doubt, so many of us love to document everything of them, from their first smile to their first time to stand up, etc. Probably, one of the moments that almost every parent out there would love to save is the moment capturing their baby’s first bath.

baby's first bath

For new parents it can be a little scary holding their delicate newborn while they are wet and slippery; however, it is undeniable to say that there’s nothing cuter than seeing a baby splashing in the bath, soapy suds dotting their chubby folds and dimples. Enjoy the video of adorable baby’s first bath moments below:

Benefits Of Bathtime For Babies

Baby squeals and splashes while taking a bath sure are cute, but did you know that besides of bringing babies a basic cleanup, baths can also stimulate children’s development? Below are some benefits of bathtime for babies you probably didn’t know:

1. Boosts the parent-baby bond.

baby's first bath

The time parents spent on bathing their babies is also the time for them to bond with their new children. Bath time becomes a highlight of the day for you to take care of your baby, let them know you care about them. Gaze into their eyes, kiss that yummy baby belly, count those tiny toes, coo sweet nothings, sing silly songs. Feeling your gentle touch and hearing your voice will let your little one know how much they’re loved.

2. Is a learning experience

For new parents, how to bathe a newborn baby properly can be a difficult challenge. There’s plenty for parents to learn in the tub. For example, you can probably make your baby giggle with pleasure if you trickle the water gently onto his/her belly.

3. Soothes fussy babies

baby's first bath

Just like adults, infant babies can feel more comfort and calmer while soaking in a tub after a long day. Up the relaxation even more by trying your hand at infant massage after bath time. Most little ones love being rubbed and cuddled.

4. Induces sleep.

There’s, even more, a reason to love bathing a baby — especially if you add it to your baby’s bedtime routine. The warm water, the warm room and the warm feeling of being safe, secure and loved work magic will put your baby in the mood to snooze.