She Leaves Her Dog Alone With An Elephant. When She Comes Back, She Can’t Believe Her Eyes

If you purchase anything made from ivory, you accidentally become an indirect accomplice in a crime. Each year, hundreds of elephants are sadly put to death for their ivory, including Bubbles’ entire family!

Fortunately, when Bubbles was brought to The Preserve, she met a new friend called Bella, and they immediately became best friends.

The interesting thing is Bella is just a dog. When Bella was still a puppy, her owner left her at The Preserve when she was employed to build Bubbles’ pool.

No matter how incompatible they may seem, they are inseparable friends now. The two become best friends by the love they both have for water and swimming. Bubbles and Bella play together every day and of course, their favorite playground is the river. Now it’s destiny.

The beautiful story of Bubbles and Bella shows that when it comes to making new friends in the animal world, nothing is impossible.