11 Unique Wall shelves You Can Make with Your Own Hands

Sometimes, changing a small feature in your room can help reset the whole tone of it. A prime example for this can be an unusual shelf for books, souvenirs or whatever item that you need a place for them. And it’s always great to possess one that is born from you creativity and your own hands.

And if you’re trying to think of some unique wall shelves, the following list is for you!

A square shelf

A shelf like this one looks like a set of posters on the wall.

A hanging shelf

All you need is just a piece of string or lace and a shelve like this. Make sure you balance things in the shelve.

A corner shelf

Now that corner space in your house will not be wasted anymore and of course, it also looks really eye-catching and artistic.

Brightly colored box-shelves

You simply won’t be able to tear your eyes off these beautiful box-shelves that can be attached to the wall. However,  keep in mind that ‘less is more’ – your room will look crowded with too many of these.


Stylish and creative!

A labyrinth

A design for those who know that creativity is never organized. All you need is a set of wooden boards – then let your imagination guide you!

You’ve got to admit – this one is pretty cool.

A shelf with different sections

Just a simple wooden structure but it looks uniquely beautiful.

A ‘branch’

This is art! Look great wherever in your house.

A triangular shelf

Think outside the box! Your guests won’t be able to tear their eyes off it.

A cardboard shelf for little things

Utilize your cardboard! This cardboard shelve is sturdy enough to hold up plenty of those little items we need to use on an everyday basis.