15 Ideas for Amazing Clocks You Can Create Yourself

You want to have that uniquely amazing clock of your own choice and design? This article is for you!

Creating a masterpiece of your own is not so hard as you may perceive. The following list is going to show you very simple, creative and super easy ways to make a clock out of basically anything you could find or love to use, whether it’s a wooden board, a pan lid or your knitting needles and of course, a clockwork mechanism.Your clock will look uniquely artistic that you can’t buy anywhere else.

The Seamstress Clock

Some hoops, buttons, and a clockwork kit — and here you go, looking good! How to do it?

For Monty Python fans

A clock with legs, not hands — those of John Cleese from The Ministry of Silly Walks — will perfectly go with any interior. How do I make it?

The Tenderness Clock

Simple with not too much effort to own a tender little thing. Here’s the guide.

The Sea Breeze Clock

All it takes is a couple of wood board and stones you lovingly collected on a beach or anywhere else. Color them and then attach them to the clockwork mechanism. Your guests will definitely be amazed by this masterpiece.

Brighter than a rainbow

Add some color to your walls! Here’s how to do it.

Genius simplicity

You would think clock hands on a couple of boards might be boring, yet it’s just the opposite! It would take a clockwork kit, 9-10 small boards for the face, 2-3 small boards for the other side, an hour or two of your time, and a real wish to have something exceptional decorating your wall.

Warm and cozy

Not only smartphones need cases! Check out how to knit such a beauty here.

Grandma’s joy

Do you know crochet? If you do, why not create an original clock of your own! Just choose the wool, the pattern, and away you go!

Something special

This one will take a bit more practice, time and effort. You’ll have to prepare a wooden base, a clockwork kit, 80 small nails, colorful threads, and a lot of patience.

Make everything count

Farewell to stereotypes! The kitchen isn’t only for cooking — take a couple of pan lids and different pieces of kitchenware and make a handy masterpiece. Here’s how.

Sports style

A clock out of a bicycle wheel? No problem. Here is the guide.

Mad tea party

To create this beauty, you’ll need a tray and several tea cups of your choice

A fresh view on old newspapers

About to throw your newspapers and magazines away? Wait! Then decorate a wall with them — here’s the guide.

Domino style

Who says dominoes is only a game? Take a wood board as a base, add 12 domino tiles, some glue, a clockwork mechanism, and design a cool-looking clock.

Butterfly time

You’ll have to put quite a bit of effort in, but it’s definitely worth it. Read the guide here.