Heart-melting Moment Train Passenger Giving Shivering Homeless Man His T-shirt!

Caught on a cell phone by another subway passenger is the moment of a homeless man sitting alone on the New York subway train without a shirt on, his ‘body looked sick’. Appeared like a true hero, one man quickly noticed, took off his t-shirt, and gave it to the cold man.

The clip was shared on Facebook by Lazaro Nolasco and quickly went viral a few days later with over nine million views. Lazaro told the New York Daily News that he boarded the somewhat empty train in Washington Heights Friday night.

‘The guy did a good deed, so I wanted to record it,’ said Nolasco. ‘I would tell him, ‘God bless him.’ That was thoughtful.’

Also according to Lazaro, the temperatures in the city were near freezing as the kind subway passenger decided to take his own shirt off his back. The homeless man held out his arms and the man proceeded to even put the shirt on him. The man walked away, but only to return seconds later with a hat and put it on the shivering man as well.

What a beautiful random act of kindness, not done for fame or the glory of others as the subway train was almost empty. Just a kind hearted gesture thinking of someone else before himself. Thankfully this kindness was caught on tape to be appreciated by us all.

Check it out below:

Video credit: Good vibez