Man Has Troubles Putting Baby To Sleep. He Decides To Tell Him About His Job, And Baby Reacts Immediately

It is no doubt that people tend to fall asleep whenever they hear or do something boring (just as what happened to us when we were in school). Most people think it is a problem and try to cope with it. But do you believe that that “problem” can be used to solve certain difficulties? Well, yes, this man in the video below decided it is a good way to put a baby to sleep.

Kevin Payne has a five-month-old son, Carter. He is a very energetic baby, and sometimes he doesn’t want to go to bed at all. One day, Kevin was cradling him in his arms and decided to tell Carter more about his job. He works as a Technology Resiliency Manager in New York, so he started telling his baby boy about various infrastructure issues that their team faces.

The reaction of Carter is hilarious! Just watch the video and you will be amazed at how quickly the baby falls asleep. It is way far more effective than singing.

Video credit: Caters Clips