Mom Asks Her Dog If He Likes His New Bed, And He Responds In Typical Husky Fashion

If there’s ever a dog who figures out how to talk like a human, it should be a Husky. I mean there are several videos of Husky expressing their opinions to their owners loud and clear, it’s just that we can’t understand exactly what they want to say.

Zeus the Husky got a new outdoor bed for his birthday, and it goes without saying that he loved it, but he has to try it out inside due to the rain.

As soon as the bed is assembled, Zeus jumped on it right away and refuse to get off to let his brother Shepherd try it out. When mom asks if he likes it, the dog responds in typical Husky fashion! Wait until you hear this… ?

The talkative Husky just wants to relax and continue singing fondly its praises! Sorry Shepherd, you’ll have to wait until Zeus gets bored with his brand new bed to be able to lie on there for a few minutes.