This Kitten Just Met This Baby Owl, And What Happened Next Is Too Adorable!

When it comes to friendship, size, color, and race don’t matter and these two cute animals have just proved that.
Fuku is an owlet who calls Hukulou Coffee Shop in Osaka his home. It was two years ago when he got introduced to a new friend, it’s a kitten named Marimo. And their friendship blossomed since then.

They seemed to find each other very attractive and grew their curiosity to know more about each other.

Later, it appeared like the two couldn’t get enough of each other. Marimo and Fuku cuddled very often in a bid to show how much they love each other.


LOTS of cuddling. Before Marimo came, Fuku had some owl buddies but never a best friend.

No one can separate them now.

Watching these cute animals spending time together is just a treat to the eyes.

How beautiful!