Mom Lets Her Baby Play With Newly Adopted Cat. The Footage She Captures Instantly Goes Viral

It is easy to understand that people who have infants rarely adopt new animals until the baby grows up. Because there is always a fear that they will not get along perfectly. How will the baby react to the pet? How will the pet react to the baby? There is always the doubt that something could go wrong.

However, this couple decided to adopt a grown up cat even though they had a small baby at home. It was very brave of them but it looks like the risk has absolutely paid off! In a video captured by the couple is the darling moment when their infant is introduced to his family’s newly-adopted cat.

The clip opens with the baby throws himself onto the cat’s hindquarters and gurgling happily. At first, it seems like the cat intends to ignore the baby’s presence. But, eventually the cat readjusts its position so that he can stretch forward and being to lavish the top of the infant’s head with copious licks.

This seems like love at first sight! They absolutely love each other! Take a peek at their adorable interaction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.