It’s Time For The Dog To Get Neutered, So She Plays The Oldest Trick To Avoid Going To The Vet

If you’ve ever pretended that you’re tired or even faked sleeping when your Mom asks you to do something you don’t want to do like to wash the dishes or watch your younger brother, then you will probably sympathize with this little puppy.

Named Lulu the Shiba Inu, the pooch was supposed to go to the vet to get neutered. That surely isn’t a pleasant thing to go through, so she decided to play a small trick. By lying down and pretending to be dead, Inu believed that no one can force her to do anything and, surely, she could avoid having to go to the vet. However, there’s still one big flaw in her system as Lulu’s a sucker for treats! The longer she lays motionless the more believable it becomes… until the treats come out that is. Ahh, those treats… They ruin everything. This is so funny!